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About us

We have always believed that great things start with a reliable ride so why not do it with a reliable partner. With the global and economic impact that is COVID-19, safety has become   everyone’s priority! With TekeTeke you can now make an advanced or immediate booking and pay for your ride while at home or in the office. 

Let’s teketeke

We have partnered with NTSA and other transport regulators to allow you online access to track your vehicle’s movement in real time. You also have access to a comprehensive history on the trips you have taken and payments made.

Connect to affordable, quality, convenient and reliable rides.

You’ll see driver and car details so you can confirm every ride and you can share your route with family and friends.

Want to join our team?

Interested in opportunities at Teketeke ? We are always looking for problem solvers, with a passion for building. Reach out to us via email.






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