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Relax and let us take you

With our booking and cashless payment platform

No more queues

You don’t have to wait in line or scramble to get into a vehicle. Book on the application and get assigned a specific seat with a booking number.

Stable and dynamic pricing

For the short distance rides, you are charged per km and not a fixed price. No fluctuations in the prices because of weather changes or other factors.

Cashless payment

Avoid any contaminations and maintain hygiene by paying digitally. Fast and reliable payment integrations.


We connect cities and towns to make sure you get to your destination faster. By decongesting the city, we are making it comfortable for you to move around. You can also give us your feedback and suggest routes on the app.

Save time on the road

No more parking issues or getting rained on while on the queue.

Don’t wait, just book

You don’t have to be late to work or get home late.

Stay safe and pay cashless

Lipa mathree allows you to pay your matatu. We hold the driver accountable on historical records






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